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transit, with, trailerEU set to relax tachograph rules

Story: Peter Witherington | Posted 22 October 2014

THE tachograph has been the scourge of many a truck fleet operation for the past few years. Fitting a tachograph severely limits the amount of hours a driver can sit behind the wheel of a truck and while we appreciate that the rules are there to promote safety, it can make running a fleet an… Read more…

Canter with trailerTowing? There are things you need to be knowing!

Story: Peter Witherington | Posted 16 July 2014

  BEING keen on all things to do with vans, the guys here at usually take a quick peek inside the cab of any light commercial vehicle they see parked on the side of the road – just out of professional interest you understand. Two things usually hit us. One is the untidy state of… Read more…

Van and trailerTop tips for towing

Story: Peter Witherington | Posted 28 April 2013

IF YOU drive a panel van and tow a trailer, it’s highly likely that you regularly break the law. The rules surrounding the use of trailers are pretty straightforward but it’s amazing how many people don’t seem to understand them. This article breaks the problem down into two areas – the law, and then the… Read more…

Telematics TDI100Can telematics make it easier and cheaper to manage your business vans?

Story: Peter McSean | Posted 27 January 2013

MANAGING your business van fleet is important. But is it your top priority? Probably not. Running a small business pulls you in lots of directions. So you’re unlikely to devote more time to fleet management than is strictly necessary. But what if there was a way to make it easier? What if – as well… Read more…