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Van Tax

If you are self-employed, does business van tax affect you? And what if you are an employee of a company? Are you liable for company van tax? We explain the key tax issues for vans and for double cab pickups, too.

Florist loading Ford Fiesta vanWhat is company van tax?

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 17 February 2015

VAN tax: do you have to pay it? Well yes if you use a company van for private mileage, then you must pay company van tax. It’s known as a benefit in kind. In Budget 2014 the Chancellor raised the tax rates so that the annual tax liability for any type of company van tax is £3090…. Read more…

Electric, charging, pointWhat’s the fuel benefit charge for electric vehicles?

Story: Edward Stephens | Posted 3 October 2014

Congestion Charge signLondon Congestion Charge rises to £11.50

Story: Matt | Posted 5 June 2014

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TfL) has confirmed its plans to increase the London Congestion Charge from £10 to £11.50 this month, in an attempt to keep a lid on traffic chaos and improve the capital’s transport network. The 15 per cent rise means business users will pay up to £400 more every year to drive within… Read more…

Renault_KangooCompany van tax rises in Budget

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 19 March 2014

VAN drivers with company provided vans – expect to pay more in company van tax from April. The company van tax benefit-in-kind charge is rising from £3000 in 2013/14 to £3090 in 2014/15, the Chancellor announced in his Budget today (19 March). That means if you pay tax at 20% your yearly charge for full… Read more…

SsangYong KorandoWhen is a van not a commercial vehicle?

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 6 August 2013

IT’S a good question, although HMRC is unequivocal: if it has a payload of one tonne then it’s a commercial vehicle. However, there is a BUT. HMRC recognises this ‘but’ and has a list of exceptions –these include car-derived vans and combi vans. However, Business Vans reader Chris Bone made a relevant comment on our… Read more…

London’s new Ultra Low-Emission Zone could eventually benefit some van operatorsLondon’s new Ultra Low-Emission Zone includes diesel van exemption

Story: Colin Dawson | Posted 26 April 2013

LONDON’s new Ultra Low-Emission Zone will come into effect on 1 July 2013 and provide a single 100% discount from the London Congestion Charge for all-electric and ultra low-emission vans. Some van operators could eventually stand to benefit, though, as it includes diesel vans. The current discount is available to only pure electric vans. But the… Read more…

OFT fines Merc and CV dealers £2.6m for competition law violationsThe Budget: Company van tax frozen

Story: Robin Mackonochie | Posted 22 March 2013

DRIVERS of company vans that are driven with unrestricted private use will welcome the Chancellor’s decision to freeze the assumed company van tax benefit at £3000 for 2013/14. However, the company van tax benefit will increase for 2014/15 by the rate of inflation (RPI scale) as at September this year. For a 20% basic rate… Read more…

Citroen van fleetVan operators get cost pressure relief as 3p fuel duty scrapped

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 20 March 2013

THE increasing cost pressure of running a van, whether you are running one van as a trade or a van fleet, has been given some relief. The Chancellor in his Budget has the 3p fuel duty rise due in September has been scrapped. “The news that the fuel duty rise has been cancelled will be… Read more…

Business mileage in a private van, such as this Vauxhall Combo pictured, can be claimed for at 45p per mileBusiness mileage rates for a private van

Story: Ralph Morton | Posted 17 July 2012

Details of the correct business van mileage rates you can charge tax-free

Toyota Dyna 300 TipperBudget 2012: company van tax

Story: Ralph | Posted 30 March 2012

Author: Ralph Morton IF you have a company-provided van and cover private mileage in it, then you are liable to pay company van tax. The same benefit-in-kind tax is also applied to double-cab pick up trucks. The good news from the Budget, though, was that the amount of company van tax has been frozen at… Read more…