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Drivers who swap penalty points for speeding

Story: Richard Davies | Posted 27 February 2013 | In Driving licences, Featured Posts, Van Advice, Van Law, Van management, Van News

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Points for speeding offences are frequently ‘swapped’ according to the AA

CHRIS Huhne may be a high profile offender when it comes to swapping penalty points for speeding offences, but he certainly isn’t the only one.

An AA survey found that  persuading another person to take penalty points for a speeding offence  is rife.  Up to 300,000 drivers may be guilty and they stand a 1 in 8 chance that, like Mr Huhne, their offence will be reported.

And male drivers are the worst offenders.

Manual and service workers are more likely to report an offence than professionals according to the survey.

16% of skilled manual and service workers would not only refuse to say they were driving at the time of the offence but said they would report the point-swapping attempt to the police.

Some drivers don’t seem to realise the serious nature of this offence. Often drivers will be charged with perverting the course of justice which typically results in a 4 – 9 month prison sentence or a large fine

Among professional and senior manager groups, that drops to 11%.

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