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Van with toilet

Built for convenience – mobile toilet facilities

SMALL business building contractors can save on portable toilet costs – by carrying the can for staff.

In a van.

The idea is the work of leasing company Masterlease and conversion firm Bott.

A van with built-in toilet is now being offered by leasing company Masterlease – on a pay as you go basis

It forms part of a new and enhanced commercial vehicle contract hire service.

Vans can be ordered with a range of bespoke specifications. Such as a microwave, clothes storage, overhead storage space, exterior work lamps and safety beacons. As well as a toilet and sink.

“It can be expensive and impractical to install a mobile toilet on temporary work sites, particularly if a job is only expected to last for less than a day,” commented Eddie Parker, head of commercial vehicles, Masterlease.

“This is our van of the future. Businesses can lease a van, fully fitted with whatever they need, even if it’s a toilet!”

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