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You have to have insurance, but you don’t have to pay through the nose for it. Make sure you’re not being ripped off

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VAN insurance is one of those annoying little necessities that you know you have to have, but there is no point in paying over the odds for it.

You know it, insurance companies know it, and comparison companies know it. Everyone knows that in order to get your customer they need to give you the cheapest possible deal – but what can you do to bring that quote down even further? Explore your options with M4 Sales.


Shop around

If you’re thinking “Obviously!” that’s good – most people use price comparison sites to find the best deals on their insurance.

But, did you know that each comparison site produces different results as well? This is because each of them has deals with various lenders and gives preference to ones they share a closer relationship with.

It’s also important to remember that not every insurer is online – by calling other insurers directly you can ensure you’re getting the best price.


Brand your van

The benefits of having your logo on the side of your van are pretty self-explanatory, although you may be delighted by a nice little extra most insurers offer. And that’s up to 5% off your premium for branded vans, as the insurer will see that you are serious about your business.

This means that you’re less of a risky driver as dangerous driving would also reflect badly on your company – therefore your insurance premium is even lower.


Security first

Another common sense approach here – the more secure your van the cheaper your insurance will be.

If you fit immobilisers and advanced locks then you may receive a discount on your insurance – however before you go fitting some very expensive security equipment you should weigh up the discounts first. If your van insurance is only £500 then spending £1000 on locks won’t save you any money.


Use a smaller van

There are many plus sides to having a smaller van, such as lower running costs, better manoeuvrability and cheaper insurance.

Yes, that’s right – having a van with a shorter wheelbase and a less powerful engine can work at reducing the amount that insurance companies want to charge you. If you can get away with driving a smaller, more compact van then you may find that you have a heap of savings just waiting for you.


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