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Days Wales Air Ambulance
Wales Air Ambulance relies on charity shops for donations – and Days Contract Hire supplies a fleet of 15 brilliantly liveried vans for collections and deliveries

WE’RE all about local and small businesses here at Business Vans.

Oh yes, and great signwriting too.

So we rather liked this story from the Wales Air Ambulance.

Now you might wonder why Wales Air Ambulance would need a van. Helicopters maybe. Vans?

Apparently they do. And it’s all to do with keeping the helicopters in the air. Of which there are three providing brilliant life-saving duties.

As it’s a charity the Wales Air Ambulance relies on donations to raise £6m each year to keep airborne. And part of this charity fundraising is provided through 16 charity shops – which raised £1.5 million last year.

And this is where the vans come in. To keep all 16 shops stocked the charity needs a fleet of 15 vans to collect and deliver donations.

To make sure the story stays local, the vans have been supplied by leasing company Days Contract Hire, which is based in Swansea, at cost effective rates to keep the charity’s overheads down.

With 1500 free collections and deliveries, the brilliantly liveried vans should give the charity the lift it needs. And keep the helicopters doing their life-saving work.

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