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Internet shopping is one of the reasons for the increase in the number of tyres sold

MORE businesses are opting to lease light vehicles as they evolve to suit urban environments. The increase in the consumption of light vehicle tyres is a result of the growing trend of home deliveries due to internet shopping according to experts, with smaller vehicles being used more often in urban areas than large vehicles.

Statistics from automotive repairers Kwikfit show that there has been a marked increase in the consumption of light commercial vehicle tyres according to their experts. The increase consumption is due to the fact that more businesses are opting to update lighter vehicles due to the minimal upkeep they require in comparison to lorries and larger vehicles.

Change in Trend

Whilst internet shopping and the growth in the number of delivery companies in the UK is one of the reasons for the increase in the number of tyres sold, research also suggests that with an increased awareness of health and safety, more drivers are making sure that their tyres are at a safe standard. Safety initiatives have ensured that workers and employers are willing to pay costs to ensure that the vehicle is well maintained and that drivers are not at risk due to the condition of their tyres.

Furthermore, firms are encouraging their fleets to downsize their vehicles in order to reduce mileage and adapt to urban areas. Smaller vehicles are being used more often in order to reduce mileage rather than have one large vehicle. Employers are also encouraging drivers to move away from the traditional company car and reduce their mileage in a company vehicle. Indeed with the price of fuel lower than previous years, it is proving more cost effective for businesses to have a fleet of smaller vans than one or two large heavy load lorries covering the same area.

Research also found that technology and telematics to aid drivers are reducing the risk of wear and tear to tyres e.g. warnings when wheel is too close to a wall or object. Such tools are effectively notifying drivers of the condition of their tyres. Employers and drivers are more willing to invest in their vehicle due to such aids with unexpected tyre damage less common.

Damaged Tyres

According to research from Kwikfit, the vast majority of their tyres are replaced due to damage rather than wear, with the average tyre consumption for their fleet customers being 1.85 tyres per vehicle per year.

However, with more light vehicles being used on roads, and some carrying substantial weights, some middle-sized vehicles average five tyres per year. Although this is still a large number of tyres, the upkeep for a smaller vehicle is proving to be much more affordable for businesses than the maintenance of a large road vehicle.

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