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Crashed Volkswagen Transporter van
Don’t let customers suffer because of the incident  – it isn’t their fault the crash happened.

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Being involved in a traffic accident is an experience that none of us would like to have. However, accidents happen all the time and can as easily happen in a business van as in a private vehicle.

If one of your employees gets involved in a crash while they are carrying out their job you will want to deal with the business consequences as quickly as possible afterwards.

There are quite a few things to think about in this respect, with the following being some of the most important ones.

Don’t Let the Customers Suffer

As a business person, your thoughts will no doubt automatically turn to the customer. They could be sitting waiting on an urgent delivery or waiting for someone to turn up for an appointment. They have no way of knowing that the delay is due to an accident until you let them know this.

Of course, as well as letting them know the reason why no one has turned up you will also want to arrange for an alternative vehicle to head out and deal with whatever the issue was.

One thing you don’t want to happen is for the customer to suffer because of your van’s accident. It isn’t their fault that the crash happened and even if they are very understanding about it you will want to go the extra mile to minimise the effect it has on them.

Most customers should understand when you explain to them that a car accident has caused some sort of delay, although you should be ready to be flexible and maybe offer some sort of sweetener if they get upset about the time they have wasted waiting around.

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