Crewvan VW Transporter Sportline
Iconic - The Volkswagon T6 Transporter Sportline
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Carl zu Dohna – head of VWCV

I HAD the opportunity to have lunch recently with the boss of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – or VWCV.

His name is Carl zu Dohna, and while we talked about some of the serious stuff over lunch, I asked him for the answers to a game I’ve started playing recently: one-liners on your own products.

Carl, fortunately, took this in the lighthearted way it was meant. And, shooting from his hip, these are his answers:

  • Volkswagen Caddy: “Drives like a Golf but carries all your tools”
  • Volkswagen Transporter: “The icon”
  • Volkswagen Amarok: “The property developer’s dream”
  • Volkswagen Crafter: “Crafted by you, engineered by us”

Do you agree? Let me have your comments!


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