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Small businesses that run more than 1 or 2 vans should look at fleet insurance

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FLEET insurance is a no-brainer for any business that operates a number of vans on a regular basis.

Standard insurance is fine if you only run a couple of vehicles but once your business expands, fleet insurance is a far more affordable and easy way to see that you are covered in the event of theft, damage or an accident.


What Is fleet insurance?

In many ways, fleet insurance is no different from any other type of car or van insurance policy. If you opt for comprehensive cover and the vehicle is damaged or indeed stolen, the insurance policy should cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Unlike single vehicle insurance policies though, fleet insurance covers a large number of individual vehicle under just one policy. With such a policy, your small business will pay only one annual premium that covers all of the vehicles used by your business.

A fleet insurance policy will also allow you to arrange cover so that every one of your business’ drivers will legally be able to drive any one of your vehicles.


What are the different types of fleet insurance?

The different varieties of fleet insurance very much reflect those available on a conventional car or van insurance policy.

A third party only policy will cover damages incurred to other vehicles; a third party fire and theft fleet insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle if it is involved in a fire or is stolen, and a comprehensive policy will cover your fleet for third party loss or damage, and loss of or damage to your own vehicle.


What are the real benefits?

Investing in fleet insurance is a great business move for a number of reasons. Primarily, it is far cheaper than insuring each of your vehicles individually and therefore makes obvious sense.

Secondly, the burden of managing numerous insurance policies can put a fair amount of unnecessary strain on your administrative staff. Therefore, in order to save money and make life a little easier, fleet van insurance is a great idea for anyone using multiple vehicles in their small business.


An essential money saver

If your business doesn’t require more than a couple of vehicles, the chances are that it won’t really benefit from having fleet insurance. If on the other hand, your business relies heavily on the use of many vehicles, fleet insurance is an essential money saver.


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