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The VW Amarok Canyon is a special edition arriving this spring

New VW Amarok Canyon arrives spring

If you like your pick-ups – and I do – you’ll want some of this. A new Amarok special edition – the VW Amarok Canyon.

VW boss Alex Smith let this one out of the bag during his presentation. It will cost £28,990. And to quote Alex: “I can’t see another vehicle having such gas station appeal!”

No, neither can we – and we’ve got the first picture of it!

Apparently it will have satellite navigation, styling bars with spot lamps and leather heated-seats. There will be a limited number of 350 vehicles when the Amarok Canyon goes on sale in April 2014.

So feast your eyes – we think it looks fabulous!


This really is the answer to sat nav distraction – heads up windscreen display, as used by fighter pilots

Fighter jet tech for your van

How do you fancy some hi-tech sat nav in your van that was originally developed for jet fighter pilots?

You do? It won’t be long before you can put this great piece of technology in your vehicle. Halfords is introducing ‘Head-up Display’ (HUD) technology in its stores later this year.

Turn instructions are display on the windscreen just below your eyeline providing easy to read directions without you having to look away at a nav screen.

I’ve experienced it in cars – and quite honestly you wouldn’t want to go back to old style sat nav if you could.

Chocks away…


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