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Ford Transit Connect
Ford has really done its homework with the Transit Connect – it’s consummately fit for purpose

I’VE just come back from the launch of the new Ford Transit Connect.

The new Transit Connect ECOnetic 1.6 TDCi 95PS model has a combined economy of 70.6mpg

And it’s hard not to see how Ford won’t have another runaway winner on its books.

What’s quite clear is how far Ford have raised the bar.

There’s a quiet confidence about the operation. Ford has clearly asked what its customers want, looked at how their customers operated and then incorporated those findings in a van to make it consummately fit for purpose.

Ford’s sales director Andy Barratt on the new Transit Connect – “just like a car to drive”

And then, for good measure, added brilliant driving dynamics along with a massive helping of kerbside appeal.

Just the sort of thing, then, to appeal to small business trades wanting a smart van to reflect their professional service offering.

I asked Andy Barratt, sales director at Ford – and the person with whom the buck for selling them finally rests – what he thought were the key attributes of the new Ford Transit Connect.

“The first is the refinement,” said Andy. “It’s just car like to drive.

“The second is the load access particularly through the side door.

“And then there’s the cost of ownership. If you look where we were with the old Connect against the VW Caddy and our fuel consumption was 14% worse. On the new Transit Connect it’s 14% better, giving operators a 28% saving.

“Finally there’s the durability of the old Connect but there’s a real refinement of the driving experience. In comparison, we’re above the Caddy now I feel. The new Transit Connect sets a new standard in small vans.”

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