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Fuel continues to be pricey for business and domestic use

ACCORDING to the latest update from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as shared in the latest article by Katie Allen on the Guardian Online, petrol prices fell by 1.8p a litre between July and August 2014.

This has been directly compared to last year’s 2p increase, which reflects a big change since 2013.

Could the government’s long term economic objectives be working to manage inflation?

There is evidence that inflation has fallen dramatically since reaching its pinnacle height since 2011 but there’s no hiding that inflation is still a problem.

Fuel prices are still much higher than the average wage growth, so in real terms, the price of petrol continues to be pricey for both business and domestic use.

Businesses and Fuel Economy

It terms of businesses, especially fleet operators, fueling operators, or municipalities managing vehicles for utility crews and public services, fuel economy is more important than ever.

Today, more and more savvy businesses are turning to experts in Commercial Fuel Solutions, and fuelling systems are a popular solution for improved fuel economy.

So what is a fuelling system and how can it benefit your business?

The Benefits of Commercial Fuel Systems

Commercial fuel solutions can provide a wide range of systems for businesses looking to save money on fuel.

Modern distributors can now provide a range of solutions including fuel storage tanks, fuel transfer systems or end-to-end fuel management systems.

All of these systems can help provide visibility, accountability and tracking, helping to eliminate discrepancies.

Service providers’ capabilities also stretch to flow meters, spill containment, and spill control.

So which businesses can benefit from owning its own fuelling system or implementing a fuel management system?

Any business which operates a vehicle fleet may find a management system to be a great Return on Investment, with the cost savings quickly outweighing the initial charges.

Fuel storage or transfer is suitable for a broad number of businesses including industries such as Railway and Transport, Quarry and Mining, Marine, Aviation and more.

Fuel management systems or fuelling systems can help your company achieve improve visibility and accountability through accurate tracking and better business security.

If you would like to find out more information about how you can implement cost control on your commercial fleet, visit the RAC business blog for some top advice. Read more here.

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