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If your job is to drive, you’re more likely to be involved in an accident  – but what should you do if the worst happens?

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IF your job is to drive places, then you’re on the roads for longer periods of time than everyone else, and you’re probably more likely to see or be part of a accident.

So if you’re first on the scene on an accident, do you know what to do?

Parking Your Vehicle

Knowing how to park to protect the accident scene is important if you’re the first one there. This could help protect other vehicles from being involved in the accident, as well as further harm to those involved in the accident.

Park with hazard lights on and headlights on dip, and make sure you’re facing head on, not at an angle, otherwise oncoming traffic won’t be able to see your tail lights.

Dialling the Emergency Services

Don’t dial 999 immediately. Instead, make sure that you stand back and look at what has happened so you can assess it and report it accurately to the emergency services. You should look at the potential hazards, such as traffic, fire, chemicals and debris.

Your location is the most important piece of information that you can give to emergency service personnel, but lots of motorists don’t know where they are. Use the motorway marker posts that are positioned every 100 metres and larger driver location boards which are every 500 metres and visible from any point on a motorway to pinpoint your positions. There are similar markers on dual carriageways.

First Aid

If you’re a first aider, then you must never cross from the opposite carriageway; instead, drive on and dial 999 or drive on, leave at the next junction and return on the right side of the road before administering first response treatment.  If you’re looking to become a first aider – and these are qualifications worth having as a professional driver – then take a look at these JAUPT approved courses from TutorCare.


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