A modern motorhome has all mod cons
A modern motorhome has all mod cons
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TRAVELLING by motorhome is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. If you are only planning one or two holidays each year, then the expense of owning a motorhome will be prohibitive, especially if it will be sat on the drive for months at a time with barely any use. Used or not, it will still need to be taxed, insured and very expensive to buy new.

Rent a motorhome

The perfect answer is to hire a motorhome from a garage that offers competitive prices and a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from. Then you’ll have no worries about ownership, depreciation, tax and insurance. You just hire the motorhome for when you need that holiday away from it all. It is inexpensive, effective and fun.

Freedom to Explore

A motorhome will allow you and your family to explore the countryside at your leisure. No worries about booking hotels in advance, lugging your luggage from pillar to post or railway or plane cancellations.

Your motorhome will carry all your needs, including bed and board, cooking facilities, shower and toilet, depending on the model you choose. Motorhome holidays are the ultimate in excitement as there are no limits to where or what you can explore.

There are no deadlines to meet; the world will become your oyster. Join the growing army of motorhome enthusiasts, and you’ll never want to book a hotel room again.

Going Abroad

You can also hire Motorhome for visiting countries in Continental Europe. With a Motorhome, you can visit those out-of-the-way little villages and see how local people live away from the tourist spots. Europe has many camp sites suitable for Motorhomes, and in France, many Motorways have picnic areas which are also suitable for safe, overnight stop.

So, if you’re getting tired, there are still many places where you can just pull over and have a freshly made cup of coffee and a quick snooze.

Fully insured

All Motorhome rentals will come with peace of mind as each will be fully insured for use either in the UK or Europe. All vehicles are regularly serviced. Also, you will not need to worry, if your vehicle breakdown as each vehicle comes with a breakdown service to get you back on the road.

New to motorhomes?

If you’re new to the joys of a motorhome holiday, most hire operators will be more than happy to discuss a holiday plan for you, so you can immediately enjoy your touring holiday without worry. Most hire companies want you to get the most from your motorhome holiday amd thus offer the best package at competitive prices.

A range of motorhomes to choose from

There are many companies with over 120 vehicles around the UK for hire and they can also organise your Motorhome hire in Europe. There is a motorhome hire suitable for everyone. You can hire a vehicle from two to seven berths; all will have luxurious interiors with kitchens and shower rooms. Motorhome hire gives you the freedom to travel in the Britain and Europe with the peace of mind.

Motorhome rental made easy and you can browse through a range of motorhomes and by region and the number of berths required. Find your ideal vehicle and fill the Hire Enquiry Form. Then, MotorHomes UK will contact you with competitive hire deals. Once you have accepted the hire, it’s just a matter of collecting your motorhome and enjoying your holiday.

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