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LIGHT commercial vehicle ownership has improved vastly in the last 10 years, with the changing trends towards home comforts and a soaring demand for same-day delivery in the home shopping market but it’s essential to ensure the security of your van.

LCV’s are comparatively diverse to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and the features that come with these vehicles are more progressive. Nonetheless, van invasions are common with keyless ignitions or ones which do not use mechanical ignition keys which are at more danger.

security of your van
A locksmith deals with security

With majority of current vehicles being equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics port, this helps auto locksmith companies and specialists to learn and understand the diagnostics of the vehicle. This port can also be used for key replacement by locksmiths.

At the same time, it acts a gateway for vehicle thieves to gain entry into the van by programming the key, avoiding the immobiliser and breaking into it. Here are few tips to improve the security of your van.

  • Ensure the van is locked always

 At any point you exit the van, always make it a point to lock your vehicle before you leave. This is the first step to keep your van in safe hands. Ensure the drivers are well trained to handle the vans and never leave the van unattended even if it’s a quick stop or delivery.

  • Safeguard the cargo area

The main target for any vehicle is the area where the valuables/cargo is stored. Make sure you use deadlocks and steel-clad locks to prevent any involuntary entries.

  • Keep the keys safe

With the rise of key thefts on the rise, it is always advisable to keep it safe and have an extra made and kept with an approved authority.

  • Visibility of goods in the vans

Keep in mind the visibility of goods in the vehicle and consider if you need tinted shields. If possible, always choose a dense inner bulkhead that limits admission to the cargo zone. Always look into whether you should consider marking the vehicle with the goods likely to be carried, only because it could gain more limelight. If at any point the latent danger overshadows the incentive, keep it as simple as possible.

  • Parking at allotted spaces

Always park in safe and secure locations avoiding discreet and secluded areas. If possible, restrict access to the cargo doors area by parking against walls or other vehicles. Low lit areas could also impose a huge threat without CCTV provisions to monitor the van.

  • Storing valuable goods safely

If there is a chance to remove valuables and store at a safe place overnight, make sure there is a provision or use high-security locks for the cargo entry area.


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