tyres risks1
tyres risks1
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IF you’re a tradesman working across the UK and drive your van for work, then this will be the most important tool for your business. It will most likely have all the equipment you require to carry out your day to day tasks. This is why we understand that an MOT test failure can end up being a huge burden, stopping you from doing your daily duties.

An MOT test is required once a year to ensure it meets safety standards after it has reached the age that its first MOT test is due. If you’re unsure if your van needs an MOT test you can check at Gov.uk.

Here MRB Workshop, the professional commercial MOT equipment providers, have listed the most common causes for MOT failures for vans.

Brake fluid leaks

 Brake fluid leaks are one of the most common causes for MOT test failures. Vans use hydraulic systems to operate the brakes,but fluid leaks can lead to severe loss of breaking efficiency. Breaking systems should be checked at every service and any faults must be repaired at this point to avoid large costs in future.

Tyre tread depth

Tread depth should not be below the legal limit of 1.6mm tread across the central three quarters of the tyre along its entire circumference. Your tyres must also be well maintained.

Seat belts

It is necessary that each seat belt in your van is fitted and adjusted correctly and does not have any tears, serious fraying or deterioration. If seat belts do not meet the requirements, then it is essential that they are replaced.

Windscreen wipers and washers

Washers must work in order to pass an MOT test and wiper blades should be in good condition as well as the correct size to the vehicle they are fitted to, giving the correct range of wipe to allow you to have an unobscured view of the road ahead of you.


The front and rear position lamps, break, fog, indicator, hazard warning and registration plate lights all need to be in good working order.

They must:

  • Be secure and correctly positioned.
  • Show the correct colour.
  • Be in good condition.
  • Not be hugely affected by any other light.
  • Not be obscured.
  • Be able to illuminate with a single operation switch.

Pairs of lights need to be the same size, shape and colour and headlight aim should be below the horizontal.

To avoid the cost of having to re-take your MOT test it is good to have an annual service of your van before the MOT takes place – this will ensure your van is up to scratch.




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