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West Country Motors can supply and customise your new van to suit your business needs

This post was written on behalf of West Country Motors

A NEW Year means a new start for much of Britain’s workforce, the previous 12 months spent sat in front of a computer screen is enough to give anyone itchy feet and an urge to see the open road.

Going solo on a new business venture is daunting, but with the right tools, the right skills, the willingness to learn and a little bit of know-how there’s no reason why anyone can’t achieve business success in 2014.

The freedom that comes with being your own boss doesn’t come over night, but it’s worth it in the end. Being able to set your own hours and follow your instincts is a fulfilling experience, the trick is to maintain your personal and professional contacts, trust your gut and find your business niche.

The easiest way to bring your skill set to the masses is to take your business mobile; with a van you’re free from the distractions of sitting in front of a computer or working at your kitchen table, along with a whole host of other business benefits.


Going to the people

Getting the people to come to you takes time; you have to establish an effective advertising campaign to get your name out there, and establish relationships with your clients so they keep coming back. If you start out on your personal business journey with a group of previous clients then you’re already at an advantage, now you have to take your business to them.

By going to the people you make your service as convenient as possible, giving you an advantage over the competition. Your opening hours are more flexible and you can be there at a time to suit them, so they’re not hampered by the constraints of their own working day. Going the extra mile is what will get you noticed when you’re a fresh face on the scene, so make your service as flexible as possible.


Saving money on premises

Starting out on a solo business venture will stretch you financially, anywhere you can save yourself money in the beginning can help you cope with the strain. For many business ventures it isn’t feasible to work out of your spare room, and the cost of renting premises can be enormous, especially in the beginning when you’ve yet to establish a steady cash flow.

By making your business mobile you don’t have to invest in a location where your customers can come to you, you can hire out a storage space for any hefty items, use your spare bedroom as your personal office, and the rest is taken care of on location.


Auto advertising

Advertising is essential in any business venture; it gets you noticed, gets your name out there and gets people talking. Advertising can be expensive, but there are creative ways to advertise your business without breaking the bank. Wrapping services can turn your van into a mobile advertisement, you can adorn your van with your company logo and contact details and wherever you drive, wherever you’re parked, people will see you and take notice.

Think about your target audience and where they are likely to be and make your presence visible in order to gain their attention.


Invest in the right vehicle

Obviously the right vehicle is key when it comes to success. If you invest in a premium quality van from West Country Motors you can customise it so it meets your exact business needs. Make 2014 the year your resolution becomes a reality and follow your business dreams.


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