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A business van is both a dependable workhorse and a mobile advertisement. No one is going to take your business seriously if your van doesn’t look the part, and a vehicle that lets you down is going to cost you money and more importantly, customer goodwill. There’s a lot of choice out there so before you make a significant capital investment it’s well worth looking at the options carefully.

New van? What’s the best model for you?

The most popular new vans in the UK are the Ford Transit and its little brother, the Ford Transit Custom. Both vehicles are good all-rounders, good to drive and with decent storage capacities. Despite its surprisingly small engine, 1.6, the Vauxhall Vivaro has also shown itself to be a popular small van choice, with low running costs. At number four, the VW Transporter exists in multiple models, from the most basic vehicle to the super sophisticated, it’s even available in a petrol version. Completing the list of the top five best sellers in the UK is the Mercedes Sprinter, a big reliable van with the most up to date technology available. When buying a new van, you’ll want to take into account, fuel consumption, load capacity, reliability and of course price is obviously going to be a major consideration, however there’s also the impression that the vehicle will make on your customers to consider: Ford Transit of Mercedes Sprinter? You decide.

Other costs

As any vehicle owner is only too well aware, the costs of keeping a vehicle on the road don’t end with the purchase price. The cost of potential repairs is a serious consideration, especially if you intend to work your vehicle hard. Breakdown cover, road tax and insurance are other variables which will differ considerably from vehicle to vehicle. Quotes for breakdown cover and insurance differ dramatically from provider to provider so don’t just rely on rollover cover, make sure that you shop around to get the best deal.

Second hand

If buying a new van is too much of a stretch, then you should consider a second-hand model. There are plenty of vehicles on the market which have been well-cared for and are in excellent condition. A well-chosen second-hand van will pass for a new one to all but the most informed observer.


Branding your van is essential. Not only is it an excellent form of advertising and one which for a one-off payment continues to advertise your business for the lifetime of the van, but it is also a visible sign to existing and potential customers of your business credibility and professionalism. The quality of artwork and the precision of any wording is paramount. In practical terms, the cost of branding a large van is obviously more than that of branding a small van.



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