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Fiat Fiorino van review
Organising even a small fleet of vans is time consuming. What do you need to look out for?

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IF your business relies heavily on transportation, managing your business’ commercial vehicles is a guaranteed way to reduce operational costs and increase your overall profits.

However, managing even a small fleet takes time and requires great attention to detail; something that not every business has the ability to oversee. This post will give a good overview of what is required, and what alternatives exist for businesses that are unable to manage their own business cars.


Analyse your records and look for potential maintenance needs

Business van management requires detailed, specific, well-organised vehicle maintenance records, in order for you to oversee the usage of your vehicles and manage the servicing and repairing of important parts.

With this information, you will be able to keep track of parts that may need to be replaced or repaired in between scheduled maintenance intervals.

If for any reason your business will struggle to implement and carry out detailed organisational systems for managing this data, you will most likely run into problems later on.


Analyse the efficiency of vehicle maintenance processes

All successful companies appreciate the financial benefits that lie in having an efficient business.

As far as your business vans are concerned, this means analysing all of your existing maintenance procedures to ensure that you aren’t losing money unnecessarily.

With every service visit – whether planned or unplanned – your vehicles should be given a thorough examination as opposed to a quick fix. And when vehicles are sent in for a service, ensure that you have systems in place for seeing if any planned routine maintenance for the future could in fact be carried out now.


Alternatives to self-management

The systems listed above are by no means beyond the talents of a dedicated group of people. However, for businesses that struggle to maintain detailed records or fail to anaylse the efficiency of their servicing systems, taking short cuts in this department will cost the business considerably.

In such instances, transportation-heavy businesses are encouraged to turn over these responsibilities to a professional management firm such as Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions (or a similarly respected company).


Time, patience and commitment

Effectively managing a fleet of business vehicles is by no means an easy task. It takes time, patience and dedication in order for your business to save money in this department. So without the required level of commitment, professional business car management is the best option.


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