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Managing a business fleet can feel like a highly complex job. With this role comes with many challenges and responsibilities and – just like employees – fleet vehicles are a vital part of your work operations.

You rely heavily on them to get the job done and keep customer satisfaction up. In order for this to be achieved, you need to know how to successfully manage your business fleet – the vehicles need to be in good shape with regular maintenance in order to keep your expenses down.

Read on to find our top tips on managing your business fleet successfully, to ensure your employees have access to high quality, reliable vehicles at all times.

Keep your fleet insured

Fleet insurance is set up for businesses that have multiple vehicles. it allows you to manage your fleet a lot easier because they are all put onto one policy with only one renewal date. A fleet can consist of vans, company cars, motorbikes, taxis, HGVs, LGVs or a mixture of them all.

There are three different types of cover within fleet insurance policies;

  • Comprehensive – This will give you the most protection, covering damages caused to your own and third party vehicles in an accident, whether or not is it is your fault.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft – Covering all third party vehicles against damage whilst also covering your own vehicle against damages from theft of fire only.
  • Third Party – This is the most basic level of cover. it does not offer protection for your own vehicles but covers claims made against you for damages by third parties.

It’s worth noting that your general business insurance isn’t guaranteed to cover your fleet vehicles so be sure to read the small print. You will discover a whole range of plans available to suit your specific needs and if you talk directly with your insurance company you can find the best plan to suit your business.

Make sure you have breakdown cover in place

Business Breakdown Cover, sometimes known as Fleet or Commercial Breakdown Cover is a must-have. This will cover your business vehicles and minimise expensive downtime. It’s vital to ensure your business can continue to run efficiently.

Constantly educate yourself about the fleet industry advances

The fleet industry is ever changing so it’s important to keep up. Try joining an industry association, read trade publications and other articles to keep up to date with what is happening in the vehicle world. These days’ technology and information change so fast, you need to keep on top to be a fleet management expert.

Keep records

Keep a record of who’s using the vehicle and when, this will help you see where all your vehicles are, at what time and who with. Create a log for drivers to fill in – this should include the driver’s name, date, vehicle number, time taken and time returned. Store these documents both physically and digitally to be sure you don’t lose anything.

Fit your vehicles with GPS trackers

Installing GPS tracking devices in your fleet vehicles will show you where they are and at what time. This allows you to keep track of everything that is going on and can eliminate the need for a driver to call and check in with the manager. These trackers are also great devices should a fleet vehicle get stolen.

Keep up with maintenance

Depending on the size of your fleet, you might be able to take your vehicles to get serviced all at once. For those larger fleets, keep a schedule rotating so you can have as many as possible on the road. Drivers can do training or admin duties on the day their specific vehicle is at the garage.

Talk to your drivers

Speak to your drivers every day – nobody knows if there is a problem with one of your fleet vehicles better than those behind the wheel. Communication is the key to everything and this way you both know exactly what is going on and can keep on track of everything.

Ultimately, a well-managed business fleet following these steps will benefit your drivers, business and customers – enabling everyone to be able to do their jobs efficiently and successfully.


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