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Advice for business drivers who have broken down on the motorway
Cold, exposed, lonely – it’s the nightmare of a motorway breakdown

AS the owner of a business you may well have a number of vehicles including vans and cars involved in your operations. Their use might range from logistics purposes like transporting your goods or products, or they might be your sole means of meeting clients or travelling around your different company locations. Whatever use you have for them though, you should have them all protected by comprehensive breakdown cover, otherwise you could face a world of problems.

The Issues you Might Encounter

Even the best and well-made vehicles can, and indeed do, breakdown. Some of the more common reasons for this are also often beyond our control and can include:

  • Alternators breaking and batteries running flat
  • Punctured or blown-out tyres
  • Empty Fuel Tanks
  • Failure of your vehicle to start

These are just a few of the many issues that can affect our vehicles but what’s worse is when these strike at difficult times. For example imagine if you’re supposed to meet with an important client or you are expected to make a delivery by a certain time and you end up half way to your destination broken-down on the hard shoulder? Worse still, you don’t have any cover and no one is coming to help you.

Not only might you lose business you will more than likely have to spend a great deal of money having someone pick you up, tow you and then fix your vehicle. Needless to say this is not particularly beneficial for your business!

What Cover is Available?

The easy solution is to invest in breakdown cover; however you do need to think about what type of cover will best meet the needs of your business. Different providers will offer different types of cover and options, here are a few examples:

  • Cover across the UK
  • Cover across the UK and European continent
  • Cover at the roadside – which can involve having your vehicle repaired, or having it towed home or to a nearby garage
  • Cover from your actual business premises – if for instance you suffer a breakdown in your depot or on-site there are policies which send help to your business itself

Any queries or specific questions can be answered directly from your chosen provider and the best option is to use established and reliable firms who often have tailored options that you can adapt to fully accommodate your needs. So, if you haven’t yet got the protection you should have, act now and get your business covered.

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