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Dave Tuckett MINI Clubvan
Dave Tuckett, MINI’s product manager, is looking for plylining and racking solutions that’ll match the MINI’s image

THE new MINI Clubvan – it’s all quite high-end MINI plushness with a fully upholstered cargo area.

Just right for florists, local wine merchants, and so on.

But what if you’re in a trade and want something more specialist for your MINI Clubvan?

Like some plylining in the back for instance? Or some racking?

It’s an area that Dave Tuckett, MINI’s product manager, is looking into for the new MINI Clubvan.

“We’re exploring what to do with this,” he explains. “It would be good for our MINI dealers to be able to offer such a facility, as well as signwriting.

“For the plylining we’re after a moulding  around the outside so that we don’t lose any of the load space.

“We’ve seen a couple of prototypes but to be honest they just weren’t good enough. So we’re back to the drawing board on that one.

MINI Clubvan
It can be as chic as you like, but it has to work as a van too

“Traditional plylining would also be too heavy.

“I think a good, well-conceived racking system would also be welcomed. For that we would want to develop a system that involved pull-out drawers, since the load area is very long.”

It’s not just the traditional areas of the van aftermarket that Dave says he’s developing for the MINI Clubvan.

Along with the traditional ‘packs’ offered with MINI – such as Pepper and Chilli – Dave and his MINI product team is working on ‘usage’ packs.

“We want to develop specialist packs that reflect how the van is being used. This could involve special rubber mats, an inexpensive sat-nav option and so on that combined into a package would offer very good value to the Clubvan user,” says Dave.

In the meantime, if you need some MINI Clubvan van racking or van plylining click on our specialist advice section.

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