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Why a New Branded Van Is Essential for Your Business
The condition of your vehicle reflects on your company. Leasing through ‘Lease Van’ will allow you to use a brand new set of vehicles.

WHETHER you run a large-scale distribution company or an independent painting and decorating service, the state of your company vehicle(s) has a big impact upon business. After a few years it’s likely your van or fleet of vans will have undergone plenty of wear and tear and it can be hard affording replacements or paying to update them.

Commercial and personal leasing has improved in the past few years with a greater choice of vehicles available at lower prices through places such as This allows your company to use a brand new set of vans, which will provide a great boost to business.

Professional Impression

In the same way that dressing smartly gives off a great first impression at a job interview or client meeting, arriving for a job or meeting in a clean and new van does the same. For larger businesses it looks far more professional having a set of the same clean, new vehicles parked outside your place of work than a variety of different, clapped out vans.

In the same vein, potential customers are more likely to trust a business with a fleet of smart, branded vehicles than worn out ones. The average person is unlikely to be tempted by the services of someone driving a van missing its hubcaps.

Economical Advertising

Your company vehicles will be seen thousands of times a day, either while out driving or sat parked outside work or elsewhere. People spends hours in their vehicles, which means a huge number of potential clients are exposed to your company without having to pay for radio, TV or internet advertising. Not having branding on the sides, front and back of your vans would be a big missed opportunity. The initial cost of vinyl graphics or other branding options will work out far cheaper than those other advertising and marketing options.

More Productive

Keeping track of just a few vans can prove time consuming. Sifting through insurance documents, making maintenance checks and finding replacements in cases of emergency can eat into time that would be better spent focusing on improving your business. Leasing a few new vans frees up a lot of time as insurance and maintenance will be included, with courtesy vehicles provided if they have to be serviced. New vans are less likely to break down too and make getting to clients and work far easier too. New branded vans are a cost-effective way to improve your company.

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