Peugeot Food Truck
Peugeot Food Truck
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Peugeot Food Truck
The Peugeot Food Truck: great looking, but with an even tastier treat inside!

PEUGEOT, Peugeot, Peugeot you have to make this: the Peugeot Food Truck.

Wow! We’re all partial to an espresso and a bite to eat here in BV towers and this rolling up outside our offices each day would be brilliant.

Actually, perhaps it could take up residence permanently?

The Peugeot Food Truck is a concept at the moment. But, c’mon Peugeot, you’ve got to do this one.

The Peugeot Food Truck – also named ‘Le Bistro du Lion’ – features short front and rear overhangs with a long wheelbase to offer considerable load volume. Once on site, spreads its wings to double its width, offering a versatile space that can easily be adapted to any environment – see pic below:

Peugeot Food Truck

Cool, eh?

The Peugeot Food Truck is the output of the Peugeot Design Lab. Here’s what Cathal Loughnane, head of the lab, told us:

 professional espresso machine, by Rocket Espresso
Professional espresso machine, by Rocket Espresso, is part of the Peugeot Food Package

“We wanted to create a complete mobile cuisine experience, not only creating a kitchen for the chef but a restaurant and cafe for the customers.  A lot of attention was given to opening up the kitchen and allowing the chef and food preparation to be as close to the public as possible.

Chefs in the Bistro du Lion
Chefs at work in the Bistro du Lion

“We also wanted to create a real sense of surprise as the compact Peugeot ‘Food Truck’ transforms into an amphitheatre-like dining space ‘Le Bistrot du Lion’.”

Bring it on Cathal and Peugeot. Bring. It. On.



Le Bistro du Lion
Le Bistro du Lion – opens up to reveal cooking and serving area


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