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Smart vans like this Ford Transit Sportvan can give a real image boost to a small business

MET Richard Bunn the other week, which is always fun – and stimulating.

‘Sticky’ as he’s know to most of his chums, now runs his own van leasing company called White Hot Vans.

With a career that includes spells at Ford, LeasePlan and FinanceACar, Richard has really found his niche: advising and selling vans to small businesses and traders.

Richard Bunn
Richard ‘Sticky’ Bunn – one of our judges for Business Van of the Year

It’s one of the reasons we chose Richard to be one of our judges for the Business Van of the Year Awards  – I knew I could rely on really good operator knowledge when it came to assessing the entries.

Richard was telling me that recently they’ve been overhauling the White Hot Vans website – it’s very good: quirky, individual and distinctive.

One of the sections is called ‘Pimp my van’. It’s devoted to readers’ pictures of their own vans. Smartened up vans is a theme of Richard’s, who reminded me he had written a piece for us a while back called…Pimp my van.

It’s worth a read – it essentially calls for a more car-like specification for van drivers and more thought about how trades people use their vans.

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