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Reduce your van insurance – here are six tips
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INSURING a van hasn’t been easier. There are many companies fighting for your business.

However, studies have shown that van owners pay the double amount for insurance coverage as car drivers, with the rise in price ranges being blamed on the government’s policies for Insurance Premium Taxes.

On the other hand, with some help and a little bit of advanced planning, you can easily avoid the increases and also lower the monthly premiums. Here’s the way.

1. Do not automatically accept an auto-renew offer

Auto-renew offers are generally a lot pricier and include a higher cost. It is better to add the insurance coverage renewal time to your diary and inform your insurance provider ahead of time that you won’t be automatically renewing your insurance plan.

You can approach the insurance company later with the most affordable quote you’ve found and request them to match it.

2. Research options and rates

Comparison sites have made it a lot easier for us. Just login, add some basic information about both you and your van and the website will give rates from many different insurance companies.

3. Use a broker

It may sometimes work to your benefit to hire a middleman – an insurance broker.

The UK Insurance Brokers’ Association is another comparison website – only one with a bit difference.

Instead of acquiring rates from insurance companies, they find you the local agents to get you least expensive quote they can.

4. Hammer out a deal

It is all fine and dandy trawling the internet and reviewing the latest rates online. However, you’ll get a lot more if you get your phone and give some companies a call to know about the least expensive rates. You may well be capable of hammering out the best deal, try to get a free breakdown or a better cover altogether.

5. Improve your van’s security

Making the van more secure is really a sure-fire way to cut your monthly premiums. A security alarm, immobilizer, steering wheel locking mechanism and a tracking system can all lower the premiums.

You can even make cost savings by getting security scribing (adding van id number, generally known as a VIN, on the windows) and making certain your van is parked on the garage or driveway overnight.

Keep in mind, van insurance coverage is determined by the particular risk you show to the service provider of the insurance plan. Eliminate that particular risk, and you’ll pay less.

6. Be mindful who you add to the policy

Younger car owners, like a beginner, will most likely push up the price of the insurance policy. In the same way, a van owner with a few points or a record of reckless driving will also increase the price of insurance. If you have more than one van for say, rubbish collection, figure out who really is going to drive your vans. Use a professional insurance provider to make sure you pay money for complete cover | to protect your drivers’ staff and your vans.


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