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The Fiat Ducato is a bit of an institution around Europe with 10,000 different versions in use!
Henrik Starup says Euro 6 engines are more expensive so Fiat will stick with the current range until the change has to be made

LAST week I was in Italy to drive the new Fiat Ducato (see our review of the new Ducato here).

Over lunch at Fiat’s Balocco proving ground I got the chance to catch up with Henrik Starup who is head of Fiat Professional for the EMAA region. In other words a grande formaggio.

I asked him why Fiat hadn’t chosen to introduce Euro 6 engines with the latest generation Ducato.

One of the reasons the new Fiat Ducato doesn’t have Euro 6 engines, Henrik said, was simply one of cost. “They are more expensive and compliance doesn’t have to be met yet,” said Henrik.

“Why ask van drivers to pay an increase when they don’t need to? Because the Euro 6 engines will cost more; our latest engines are more fuel efficient anyway, so they will save money. That is better in my book.”

But that wasn’t the only number Henrik talked about.

The Ducato has an amazing, simply amazing number of spin offs. Motor homes for one.

“In Europe three out of four motorhomes are Ducatos. In fact there are 600 different motorhome conversions,” Henrik explained.

But the numbers game doesn’t stop there. There are 1000 different Ducato bodies, six engines and 10,000 versions. Wow!

Here are just a few I caught at the launch, starting with a motorhome.

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