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Van leasing is a great way to get new vans for your business without tying up cash in a depreciating asset

This content was provided on behalf of Advanced Vehicle Leasing

IF you need a van or fleet of vehicles for your business then your first instinct may be to buy, but have you ever considered the benefits of van leasing? Although the thought of not actually owning the vehicles may seem anathema to you as a business, there is actually a whole range of benefits that you may not be aware of.

Read on as Advanced Vehicle Leasing takes you through five reasons for giving it a go.


Fixed costs

When it comes to running a business it helps to be able to plan your outlay ahead of time, and van leasing helps you to do just that, whether you require one van or an entire fleet.

With low monthly payments as well as a competitive initial cost, business leasing deals can free up extra money which can be invested elsewhere in the business. Van leasing also fixes the cost of servicing, maintenance and road tax, some of the biggest expenses associated with owning your own vehicles


Reduced maintenance expenditure

As vans get older they inevitably suffer from more maintenance issues, leading to spiralling maintenance costs that can become a real burden if you have a large fleet.

However when you lease a van you are receiving a brand new vehicle which you can give back at the end of the contract, replacing it with another new one – avoiding all of those issues that can come with owning an increasingly old vehicle.


Avoid owning a depreciating asset

The moment your new van is driven off the forecourt it begins to lose value, meaning that if you choose to buy a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles outright you will be in the possession of increasingly depreciating assets.

Van leasing is the ideal risk free solution to the problem of vehicle depreciation.


Reclaim up to 100% of VAT

Van leasing can also improve a business’ financial ratio as it is not classed as an asset, unlike an owned vehicle, but an ‘off balance sheet’ item instead.

Moreover, a business can reclaim 100% of the VAT paid on the vehicle if it is solely used for business use, while a business can reclaim half of the VAT paid if it is used for both private and business purposes.


Know where your documents are at all times

When you take out a van leasing contract with Advanced Vehicle Leasing you can also forget about the worries of managing your own paperwork and documentation. Their administration team will look after this side of things for you – including tax, MOTs, fines and personalised number plates – while if you ever need a copy of anything simply give them a call and they will send one over.

They can also provide a wide range of standard reports such as the P11D, CO2 emissions, mileage and other important data to help you keep track of your business’ fleet.

Have you ever leased a van or fleet of vehicles for your business? What do you consider the benefits to be? Let us know in the comments below.

This guest blog was written by John Rooney in conjunction with Advanced Vehicle Leasing, experienced professionals in the leasing of high quality vans for businesses.

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