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The interior is much more refined than before, with the emphasis on driver comfort and convenience
Rupert Johnstone, Opel (Vauxhall) marketing manager for the new Vivaro

I WENT over to Amsterdam this week to see the unveil of the new Vauxhall Vivaro/Renault Trafic in a joint launch of the new panel van.

I caught up with Rupert Johnston, the Opel (read Vauxhall) Vivaro marketing manager, before the covers were pulled off new van and asked him what most pleased him about the new Vivaro.

“The key thing for me is the interior. We have made it much more refined, made it more usable, made the materials darker and more durable, and increased the comfort with seats that can rake back and steering wheel that can be adjusted.

“I think trades will find the van interior so much better – from the feedback we’ve had the load capacity with its square sides, has been well accepted.

“And it was important to carry this over to the new van, so that items like racking or ladders could be easily transferred from the old model to the new.

“If I was allowed one other item I would say it was the engine. It gives the new Vivaro much better pulling power and it’s quieter.”

It could only be Amsterdam! The city was the venue for the joint launch of the new Vivaro and Renault Trafic


On the outside, the new Vivaro looks strong and well built

Rupert also said the outside appearance would also give the feeling of strength and durability.

“It’s important that trades feel the new Vivaro is tough and long lasting and will look as good in five years’ time as it does now.”

Small businesses can choose from colour coded bumpers or black bumpers. The highly successful Sportive version would continue, added Rupert.

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