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FROM Facebook and Twitter to TV and radio, businesses have a huge diversity of channels on which to advertise, so with such a variety of modern media to take advantage of, is traditional vehicle livery still relevant?

Vardens have been providing professional vehicle livery services to businesses across the UK, including Coventry, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Gateshead to name just a few, and they firmly believe in the power of vehicle livery.

But what do they perceive the benefits of this form of advertising to be?

Cost Effective Advertising

When it comes to paying for advertising it is all about cost per impression, click or view, but vehicle livery has one of the most competitive cost per “impressions” as you could hope to find.

Statistics researched by the UK government found that the average driver will spend one month’s worth of time every single year behind the wheel of their car, with up to 3,000 people seeing your vehicle every single day while out on the road.

Unlike digital or print marketing strategies vehicle livery is just a one-off cost, meaning that your cost per impression will continue to decrease over time!

Compare that with direct mail at £1.94 (approx.) and radio advertising at £1.21 per 100 impressions and the benefits are clear in terms of the cost effectiveness of vehicle livery.

Strengthen Brand Identity

From one man bands right the way through to blue chip companies, branding is important to the success of any business.

It can help to solidify your company values and act as a cue to customers that when they see your logo that they can expect a certain level of service.

If your employees are arriving at the premises of customers in unmarked cars, trucks or vans, then you will be lacking in a significant part of the customer experience.

A vehicle adorned with livery of a high standard ensures that your customers get the very best first impression of what your company stands for.

Retain Resale Value

The majority of companies invest in white commercial vehicles because they give that business a fresh template to work from, so if you paint your vehicles to suit your company branding it may look great, but you may find that you find it harder to sell without an expensive re-spray.

What’s more, if you’ve leased the vehicle you will have to carry out a re-spray before returning it.

Vehicle livery can deliver that company branding you’re looking for, the benefit of which is that it can be easily removed when you come to sell it on or return the vehicle after a lease period.

Reduced Vehicle Downtime

If your company operates a relatively small fleet of vehicles then you may not be able to afford a prolonged period of downtime, and this is where vehicle livery can provide a further benefit.

On most occasions the wrap will be completed in just one day, ensuring that you can get them back out on the road as soon as possible, not to mention with them looking fantastic!

What’s your opinion of vehicle livery and its benefits for advertising? Let us know in the comments section below.


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