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John Reed
Ford engineering guru John Reed: reckons the deployable roof rack bars are part of the package that makes the new Ford Transit such a great package

WHAT do you like about the new Ford Transit Custom? What really stands out for you?

That was the question I asked John Reed, Ford’s engineering leader on global CVs, at the launch of the new Ford Transit Custom.

John thought about it for a moment. Then replied: “I think there are two great achievements with the new Ford Transit Custom.

“The first is the total package. It looks good, drives well and offers a great financial package to the customer in terms of cost of ownership.

“The second is the detail we’ve built in – like the integral roof bars.

Ford Transit Custom
When not in use the three-bar roof rack system folds into the roof of the Ford Transit Custom for greater aerodynamic efficiency and better fuel economy

“These mean builders, plumbers, or tradesmen can load bulkier items on the roof when required but they stow out of sight when not needed.  It will help reduce fuel bills, means owners don’t have to purchase additional equipment and allows the Transit Custom to fit under 2m car park height restrictions.”

John is pictured with the Transit Custom’s integral three bar roof rack system, which can carry loads up to 130kg.

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