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Paul Campbe;;
Ford’s design chief Paul Campbell

HAVING asked Ford’s John Reed the question – what do you like about the new Ford Transit Custom? – I thought it only fair to ask the same question of Paul Campbell.

Paul is the chief designer for Ford’s commercial vehicle design.

“The first is the interior of the new Ford Transit Custom.

“I wanted it to be more car like, more accommodating for the driver. I think what we have with Transit Custom is a driving environment that is uncommon in the van sector.

“The second is the ‘image’ of the vehicle. This was really important because we wanted to extend Transit’s reach into the one tonne market , so it had to look premium enough to do that. And I think we’ve succeeded there.

Ford  Transit Custom
Is it a car or is it a van? Paul Campbell said it was the most important part of the market research into the Transit Custom. And the car-like interior gives new levels of refinement to the van sector

“The finished product was very close to the original vision for the Transit Custom. I’ve never been on a project where that has happened before.”

Paul is pictured with the Transit Custom, while on the following page is the original drawing for the new Ford van.

You can see why Paul was so pleased with the outcome!

For business van reviews of the new Ford Transit Custom, see our Ford van review here: Ford Transit Custom road test.

Ford Transit Custom original sketch
On paper – sketched design of the Ford Transit Custom


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