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VAN racking systems from Sortimo bring order and safety into the day-to-day professional and business activities of tradespeople. 

Modern van racking systems from Sortimo literally create new free spaces and help to design company workflows more efficiently.

Time and again, it becomes clear what consequences a lack of organisation and safety can have in day-to-day business. Low-quality organisation systems in company vehicles not only present a risk to tradespeople while driving to the customer’s premises; they also represent a significant safety risk in road traffic.

And in many situations, they are a burdensome cost factor. Unclear arrangement and lacking transparency waste time and can even compromise business relationships with customers. 

Forgotten or misplaced equipment, tools and materials delay business processes and sometimes entail expensive and time-consuming reordering. As a result, tradespeople often incur additional costs, and their customers are also bothered by long waiting times and rising costs.

The innovative van racking systems from Sortimo enable you to better organise day-to-day business and to demonstrate top-rate professionalism to your customers.

Differences between van racking systems 

Whether for commercial vehicles or small company cars, suitable organisation systems and installation solutions are absolutely crucial. That’s why Sortimo has developed different types of van racking systems for any need and requirement. 

Until a few years ago, people relied on racking elements, boxes and cases they made themselves for use in commercial vehicles. Today, the focus of quality-conscious tradespeople lies on greater safety, higher transparency and clearer arrangement – and thus more freedom in everyday business.
Home-made storage equipment made of wood, aluminium or metal segments generally have sharp edges and don’t necessarily fit well inside the vehicle. Unused spaces and unstable components increase the safety risk on the way to the customer’s premises. In addition, sudden braking manoeuvres en route also present an increased risk of injury. 

Individual segments are not tightly screwed together, so drawers and rack elements can fly around inside the vehicle in the event of a collision.

Besides the fact that these frequently makeshift contraptions violate legal safety regulations in road traffic: the self-made metal or wooden equipment in vehicles only lasts for a short time and must therefore be readjusted and maintained at regular intervals. Therefore, rely on the professional solution – van racking systems from Sortimo!

Simple configuration


Sortimo is the only company to offer a functional online configurator for organisational systems for tradespeople’s vehicles. The handling is very easy and self-explanatory. Depending on the vehicle type and size, you can design your van racking system yourself using the unique Sortimo online configurator. Even specific customer requests and requirements can be taken into account and implemented precisely.

Every craft business is unique – and the same goes for the organisation systems for your vans and delivery vehicles. Careful consideration pays off when ordering van racking systems for your company cars. The experts at Sortimo are happy to provide you with useful tips and background information which you can benefit from when configuring your van racking systems in order to get even more out of your desired products.


When putting together their van racking systems, success-oriented tradespeople shouldn’t leave anything to chance. It all comes down to solid quality and tailored solutions.

This way, you are on the move safely and impress with professionalism and efficiency. As a craftsperson, you place enormous emphasis on precision and quality in your trade. Focus on these aspects too when planning and designing your van racking systems.

No matter what vehicle you need a van racking system for – Sortimo offers transport and organisation solutions that will inspire you.



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