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Tracking the vehicles used to transport athletes and officials during the games was a mammoth task

DID you marvel at the smooth running of the vehicles involved at the Olympic and Paralympic Games?

It was all down to telematics firm Quartix.

For the length of the Olympics, the BMWs and MINIs used during the games were tracked with Quartix’s advanced GPS telematics units, while vans, MPVs and buses were also fitted with the system during the Paralympic Games.

By giving real-time information on the exact locations of the vehicles at any time, the Quartix telematics units were essential in preserving the security of passengers and Londoners alike.

Andy Walters, managing director of Quartix, said: “We are honoured to have been a part of the Games and proud to have helped make London 2012 a huge success.

“The safety of the Games was of paramount importance to the accomplishment of such a large operation, so it’s great to know our vehicle tracking units helped the transport and logistics team succeed in their colossal task.”


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