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The Van Excellence scheme is for all sizes of van operator, not just large businesses like HSS

WHO are the van operators in this world.

And what defines a van driver?

Some may actually be qualified plumbers, electricians or engineers – who just happen to drive a van – and therefore don’t classify themselves as van operators.

Lots of trades people are van drivers by default – and as such have been over-looked in the past

But by the simple fact that they are driving a van that’s actually what they are.

A van driver.

Often an overlooked category in the freight and logistics world, van operators – particularly drivers – may well feel ‘unloved’.

Some may be unfairly labelled ‘white van man’ and invariably are never recognised for the invaluable job they’re doing.

So, the question is – if and when they need it – who is representing them, supporting the work they do and looking after their interests?

Before 2011 it appeared to be nobody.

That’s until the launch of the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) Van Excellence scheme.

From the start Van Excellence has always had very straightforward aims:

  • Recognise excellence in operations
  • Improve standards by providing best-practice guidance
  • Dissuade legislators from imposing ‘truck-like’ legislation on van operators
AES Van Excellence
AES runs just six vans out of its Leighton Buzzard HQ. The business was accepted into the Van Excellence scheme earlier this year

Created by the industry for the industry, Van Excellence is open to van operators of all sizes and business sectors and includes non FTA members.  Since its launch the scheme has been going from strength to strength and currently boasts over 130 engaged operators running in excess of 180,000 vans.

Mark Cartright FTA
Mark Cartright is the Van Excellence project manager at the FTA

Any organisation that operates vehicles as part of its business activity must ensure the safety of drivers and the public. Failure to operate roadworthy vehicles could lead to fines, penalties and even imprisonment for more serious cases, such as fatalities.

But how does it represent the work of the van operator and ultimately what does it actually mean to the driver?

The Van Excellence accreditation process sets a minimum standard and helps operators to improve and operate their vans to best practice standards in their day-to-day work.

  • Van Excellence will help increase safety for drivers and other road users
  • Through the scheme, van operators can obtain recognition from the industry, customers and the public for the highest operating standards
  • Van operators will be confident in the knowledge that their van fleet is legally compliant

In a nutshell, Van Excellence is all about giving van operators peace of mind, improving standards and cutting costs.

Simply translated this means when it comes to vans – “it’s what good looks like”.

Click here if you want to know more about the scheme and how the Van Excellence scheme can help your organisation.


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