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1,100 new vans will be the first to benefit from a new Network Rail prismatic livery

ABOUT 1,100 new vans being introduced to the Network Rail fleet over the next six months will be the first to feature the newly designed prismatic reflective livery that meets Chapter Eight of the Department for Transport’s Traffic Signs Manual for high conspicuity markings.

Network Rail has a fleet of approximately 8,000 vehicles and has worked with Sign Language, the leading vehicle graphics and wrapping specialist, for more than three years.

Sign Language has to date added Network Rail branding to more than 4,000 of the organisation’s vehicles as they have joined the fleet.

However, with the introduction of the next tranche of new vehicles, Network Rail wanted to improve their visibility to other road users and thereby boost safety by fitting ‘Chapter Eight’ compliant livery.

The new livery, designed in-house by Sign Language, will have chevrons on the rear of vehicles, reflective strips on the side of vehicles and reflective lozenges on the leading edge of vehicle bonnets and the outward facing edge of rear door openings.

Tobin Jenkins, managing director of Sign Language, said, “Network Rail wanted to increase the night-time visibility of its vehicles. We compiled a video featuring Network Rail vehicles displaying different levels of reflective material in full light, half light and complete darkness.

“The prismatic reflective material we use will increase vehicle visibility and therefore safety during the hours of darkness and when driving conditions are poor, assisting road risk management.”

Sign Language is a privately-owned company and he added, “For Sign Language to be working with a major organisation like Network Rail, which operates one of the largest fleets in the UK, is a major coup.

“We have used our in-house expertise and skills to advise Network Rail on the effectiveness and durability of its new vehicle livery and have produced the signage. We also have the ability to manage in-life livery replacement in the event of vehicle damage.”

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