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Like many a bright idea, this one was born of necessity. Steve Hume took a dim view of the poor lighting in the back of his delivery vans – and came up with a solution that soon turned into a business

IN cartoons, a good idea is often shown by a glowing lightbulb popping up above a character’s head. That image is perfectly apt for Steve Hume, company director of Britalitez.

In 2011 Steve founded Snugbug Furniture, a company specialising in the supply and delivery of high-end furniture. But he soon found that the notoriously inadequate loading bay lighting in the back of his delivery vans was causing problems for drivers delivering during the early hours or late at night.

The 12V LED lights are sold in kits that cost between £30 and £40

Not only were his drivers struggling to identify which order was going to which address, the dim lighting was also making moving about a tricky business.

Rather than put up with the issue – like so many people before him – Steve decided to come up with a solution. So he created some LED lights for the Snugbug vans, which immediately improved the safety of the drivers and helped to speed up the company’s loading times.

Word soon spread about Snugbug’s new brighter world, and Steve started receiving orders from other companies. Britalitez was born, with Steve saying the company has since gone from “strength to strength”.

Britalitez has been inundated with positive reviews, with customers praising the product and of course, the speed of delivery.

Sales are increasing month on month, with a total of 2000 kits sold to-date. Steve told us:

“We sell 12V lighting kits suitable for commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes. Our kits come in three sizes – small, medium and large – and cost between £30 and £40, including delivery.

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