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MARKETING campaigns can be rather costly, which is why so many small business owners don’t ever create a separate budget for it. Of course, not doing marketing the right way is one of the worst mistakes a business owner can make, but it’s also rather easy to understand their point of view.

After all, it’s already hard to take care of all the processes required to keep the business afloat. So, when you need to invest money in something that doesn’t have an immediate effect, there’s no wonder so many choose to pass.

But marketing doesn’t have to be expensive! There are creative ways to promote your business, and today we’ll cover one that’s so simple and so effective that most people wouldn’t even consider it. Today we’ll discuss why you should transform your van into a billboard and how to do it with a bit of humour.

The white van

If you take a look outside right now, in a well-developed city, how many white vans can you see? I bet the answer is maximum two or three because people start to use that surface for brand promotion more and more.

Back in the days, more businesses favoured the white van because it was easier to keep the products inside cool (especially when food transportation first became a thing) and it essentially made resale easier.

Well, nowadays, with modern refrigeration techniques and more, the white van has slowly lost its popularity. Instead, you get to see brightly coloured vans, that catch the eye and stand out in the crowd.

The vans that are white, will most likely get wrapped in cleverly designed ads that promote the business to everyone who can see it.

Is wrapping good for marketing?

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While it may be a bit costly to wrap all your vans, a cleverly designed ad that shows off the brand and lets people know you’re there is highly effective. According to specialists, vehicle wraps are very memorable and people actually enjoy them.

Just imagine being trapped in traffic, with nothing to do – the brain automatically starts to look for interesting things around. If you find a neatly-wrapped van, it will brighten up the whole perspective of a traffic jam in the middle of summer.

A more affordable method

If you feel wrapping is too much or you don’t have the budget, there is another way to promote your brand using a vehicle.

Personalised Plates

These are cheap, easy to get, and can make a huge impact on the right audience. Just imagine renting out limousines for events and one of them has the plates ‘JU5T WED’ (a plate made famous by Duchess Kate and Princess William at their wedding). While the plate was not real, the DVLA is known for selling some pretty cool plates along the years.

And yes, the ones that are that witty are expensive, but a plate that’s a good fit for your business may be ordinary for anyone else. It’s more about the context than the value of the plate in this case.

The cool thing is that finding thousands of private number plates is quite easy if you have a good online connection and a mobile device or a PC.

In conclusion

Whether you consider wrapping or the personalised plates idea, it’s important to remember that thinking out of the box is a wonderful way to push your business forward. As long as it works, any form of marketing is effective, so before you go on the beaten path, first consider your audience. If your customers are on the streets, then there’s where you want your brand to be as well!


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