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IN MANY industries, our vans are much more than a means of transportation.

They are more like mobile offices. You can do a lot of things from a van once it’s kitted out with everything you need.

These kinds of modifications will improve your business in a number of ways and a wide range of industries can benefit.

Before I talk about the amazing modifications that you can make, I want to just highlight one important thing to remember. If you want to modify your vans to make them and your business as a whole more efficient you should ensure you get modified van insurance. You’ll need this specialist insurance to ensure your vehicles are covered.

One of the best modifications you can make to your business vans is the addition of a Bluetooth handsfree kit. With a handsfree kit, you can safely take calls, listen to music and much more without taking your focus away from the road.

A handsfree kit will offer a more clear and crisp sound, as well making it a great way to converse with clients/colleagues while driving. Bluetooth handsfree kits come in many different makes and models, but I recommend going for a more high-end model if possible. You’ll want one with a clear display and high-quality microphone as well.

Because we spend so much time in our vans these days you’ll soon see that what looks like great interior lighting isn’t overly that helpful. Unfortunately, vans have a somewhat well-earned reputation for poor lighting but you don’t have to put up with it!

You can make a range of helpful modification to improve the interior lighting of your van. From expansive LED panelling to simple wall lamps. Don’t put up with poor visibility when some simple modifications can make seeing what you are doing much easier.

With vans carrying so much important equipment, the need for a more innovative and safe storage solutions is of growing importance. Thankfully, you can modify your vans to include a wide range of different interior storage solutions.

One of the more versatile modifications you can make is to add interior storage cabinets to your van. With these cabinets you can more safely carry an assortment of different pieces of equipment and many industries can benefit from this modification. You can also make more industry-specific modifications to improve storage as well, like tool racks and chests.

Since you can end up spending hours in a van as you go about your work, a workbench or desk can make a great interior modification. This modification is something useful across a wide range of different industries as well.

Desks, for example, are useful for writing and other busywork and something you can utilise when you are parked or your van mate could use while you are driving. Workbenches are a more industry-specific modification that plumbers, electricians, and general workmen/repairmen will find useful.

Vans are full of empty space which you can utilise with some smart modifications. Overhead shelving is a useful way to add additional storage to your van and depending on your needs, you have a lot of options.

One of the most popular modifications is to add overhead shelving in the cab of the van. This can be used for a variety of reasons and can give you quick and easy access to tools, equipment and any stored materials.

You never know when you will need a spare tyre and by modifying your van to include an under the chassis tire rack you will always have an emergency spare tire when you need it. Keeping a tire in the back of your van takes up valuable storage space and depending on the industry you work in it might not even be an option. So, a tire rack is sure to be a useful modification.

Vault boxes are similar to interior cabinets in some respects but they are designed to offer a more heavy duty security. They make a useful interior modification for vans especially if you need to carry tools or other potentially dangerous pieces of equipment.

Depending on the industry you work in a trailer hitch could be more than just a handy modification, it could be a necessity. Trailer hitches are attached to the back chassis of your van and with it, you can safely tow trailers.

Trailers are commonly used to carry heavy machinery and other large pieces of equipment so by adding a trailer hitch to your van you are greatly increasing its capabilities. Trailer hitches come in numerous forms and you can find some listed here. All you need to do is ensure that the trailer hitch you buy is suitable for what you need to carry.

So, that is a look at some of the ways you can modify your vans to make them more efficient and improve your business. Just remember to ensure you get modified van insurance to ensure they are fully covered as well.


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