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Truckman adds Utility Top to Ford Ranger series
The Utility Top creates a vehicle with decent storage space, but still under 2m high. The large side access doors are said to be perfect for racking and storage systems

TRUCKMAN’s new Ford Ranger Utility Top was designed for utility companies’ and fire and rescue services’ off-road vehicles, but looks like a great addition for any user who needs a 4×4 with a secure load area.

Adding a hardtop converts a 4×4 pick-up into a vehicle with the storage capacity and security of a van.

The addition of the Utility Top creates a vehicle with a decent amount of storage space, but still under 2m high. And Truckman says the large side access doors are suitable for racking and storage systems.

The Utility Top is built with a solid bulkhead for better safety and a sandwich panel for additional strength and insulation. Specifications also include a double-skin solid side door, extra deep drainage channels and solid double-skin rear doors. All openings have secure double-slam locks.

To allow vehicle converters and coachbuilders install additional lights and alarms, the Utility Top has a built-in electrical conduit to make wiring easy. The Utility Top can also be modified for bespoke requirements. And the white gloss interior is good for wet cleaning.

Cost is from £695.54 (ex-VAT).

The Ford Ranger Utility Top is the second in the Truckman range after the company launched the Mitsubishi L200 version in 2012.

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