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Vauxhall, Vivaro, vans
Vauxhall will soon be offering trade specific Vivaro vans, that are fully racked.

VAUXHALL is setting up its own conversion centre at the firm’s Luton plant in Bedfordshire.

And plans to expand the number of conversions the firm produces from its current 25,000 level.

Among the new conversions slated are trade specific Vivaro vans that are fully racked to meet the needs of tradespeople. First off the block will be a carpentry conversion.

“We’re talking to three racking firms about the proposition,” confirmed Vivaro product manager Brad Miller. “The vans will be fully warranted so if there’s a problem you just come back to us and we’ll sort it. There’s not getting stuck between two suppliers.”

Other offerings being considered by the new Vauxhall conversion centre are signwriting options, so a small business could order a fully racked trade van complete with company signwriting.

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