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Renault Master Tipper
Latest Renault Master Tipper, converted by VFS, features improved payload and lighter weight, as well as better fuel economy

A LIGHTER weight and redesigned Master Tipper body will be rolled out to Renault Pro+ dealers in the first quarter of 2013.

The latest Master Tipper features high strength steel construction with a 120kg improved payload compared to the previous factory product.

Converted by Hampshire based VFS Commercial Vehicle Converters, the Renault Master Tipper features the full Renault four-year warranty on both the chassis and body.

The Master Tipper will also feature the latest Renault Master upgrades, including more fuel efficient engines – from 38.2mpg – which will improve yet further with the addition of fuel saving stop start technology also slated for early in 2013.

Like all Renault Master models, the Master Tipper features the latest Bluetooth enabled radios as standard for hands-free phone use. The standard radio also comes with USB connection for MP3 media players.

The Master Tipper is just one of a range of specialist Renault conversions.

Renault Master Loloader
Other Renault Master conversions, all covered by Renault’s four year warranty, include the Loloader from Renault’s new network of accredited conversions specialists

Other Renault conversions available range from Luton Loloaders and horseboxes to fridge vans, all made by a new Renault network of accredited converter partners.

For more specialised business van management conversions, Renault has a specialist converter hotline that Renault dealers can use to provide expert and tailored technical advice to meet most business van operator requirements.

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