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Roadload promises more payload and volume for less cost
The SD35 offers payloads from 1450kg to 1500kg on 3500kg GVW

THERE are many bodybuilders and converters offering a range of modifications and bodies.

But if you need high capacity and payload without moving up to the 7.5-tonne bracket, then your options are limited.

One company providing high-capacity, lightweight bodies is Roadload, which builds SuperDeck box bodies on the Peugeot Boxer chassis cab, offering ‘truck capacity with van running benefits’, according to the company.

Roadload promises more payload and volume for less cost
With 5000kg GVW the SD50 offers payloads from 2400kg to 2600kg

The SuperDeck bodies are manufactured from lightweight plastic composite panels, continuously plastic welded to make a super-light watertight shell, achieving the highest payload Luton van boxes in the UK. Spray-on Line-X non-slip flooring is applied to the bodies.

The advantages of SuperDeck are greater volume, payload and mpg, says Roadload.

For comparison purposes, the company claims an annual operational cost of £9071, based on £6.35 per gallon over 40,000 miles a year for a SuperDeck-bodied 5000kg GVW van with average consumption of 28mpg.

Up to 44cu m volume is possible with step-in loading (400mm height), and payload of up to 2600kg in a completely recyclable plastic 100% watertight body.

Roadload promises more payload and volume for less cost
Roadload’s demountable U-Tail U35 box body

This compares with operation costs for a 7500kg GVW truck at £18,142 a year, again based on £6.35 per gallon over 40,000 miles per annum, but averaging 14mpg.

What’s more, box volume is less at up to 37cu m with a payload average of 2300kg plus the inconvenience of tail-lift loading (1100mm height).

The SuperDeck bodies are available for chassis cab Peugeot Boxers, with engine options of 2.2-litre HDi 150hp and 3.0-lite HDi 180hp outputs. The Boxer carries a three-year, 100,000-mile warranty, and service intervals are every two years/24,000 miles. Servicing is carried out by Peugeot dealers. The Roadload van conversions are covered by 12-month parts and labour warranty.

Roadload also offers demountable box bodies of the same construction with payload capacities from 1000kg to 2700kg.

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