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Signwriting makes your van stand out
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Signwriting your van: Should you design it yourself?

  • We’d always get a professional to design the signwriting for your van. They will have the experience of doing this sort of work before – in the quickest time!  However, always make sure you get a fixed quote in writing and ask to see other vans they’ve worked on.
  • Before you even get to the fitting stage, make sure you think about the typeface and colours of your signwriting – will it match your brand? Clashing colours look naff!
  • Think about the signwriting design on your van – too many words and it will be harder to read from a distance. Think ‘less is more’ when you’re on the move
  • Make sure your signwriting design includes your logo and any accreditations are included – it provides extra credibility to potential customers.
  • Make sure you get a proof of what your signage will look like on your van, before fitting, in case you want to make any changes. Plus watch for spelling horrors!

SO, you have the sharpest and newest van on the block.


But in this competitive business climate, that might not be enough to make your business stand out against your trade rivals.

So what can you do? Well why not get your van signwritten? Not only will it help your van stand out from competitors, research suggests that around 3,000 people per hour will see your signwritten company name on the side of your van – so it’s useful extra advertising too.

Before getting your van signwritten, it’s worth checking out what sort of signwriting  you want. Here are some of the choices available to you.

Vinyl wraps

Partial and full wraps are available and what the vehicle wrapping specialist will basically do is scan your design which is digitally printed on vinyl that then is professionally attached to the van.

The only downsides of wraps are that you’ll have to take your van to the wrapper’s workshop to get it fitted and this can take a couple of days – so you’ll be without transport!

Bear in mind, when you want or need a new van you’ll have the hassle of removing it; also worth checking if you lease your van if they can supply it with your wrap in place.

Another point worth remembering is that vinyl wraps can leave an outline on your van – when you return your lease van, is this acceptable? Check it out with your van lease provider.

Reusable graphics

Developed in conjunction with 3M, reusable graphics are clever and cost-effective and mean you can change and reuse your company’s graphics as often as you like on your van. Spedian is the firm that provides this service: graphics can be fitted in just 45 minutes.

In fact, should you want to change or remove your graphics, all you’ll need is a special tool that is supplied. Spedian claims that because these graphics aren’t attached to the paintwork, there’s no damage.

So when the time comes, it is an easier and quicker process to move on your used vans.

Hand-painted signwriting

Old-school, but affordable, but you’ll have to think about future-proofing – as maintaining and updating could be costly.

Magnetic signs

Cheap and your design can be easily replicated, but they are vulnerable as they are easy to steal and can fall off – particularly on the motorway.


A cost effective way to get your design on your van, in fact the only limit to your design is the quality of your laser printer! They should prove easy to change and remove too.

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