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Beeches Recovery operates out of Birmingham and Coventry and works with a range of motoring organisations

CAR recovery specialist Beeches Recovery has installed Quartix vehicle tracking to improve its operations and reduce fuel expenses on more than 30 of its recovery vehicles.

Beeches Recovery, which operates from two sites in Birmingham and Coventry, is using the Quartix system both to improve its service to customers, and its own efficiency.

We believe the Quartix system is a vital tool for the efficient running of our rescue and recovery business

Beeches provides 24-hour recovery and breakdown assistance for cars and vans across the West Midlands and works with a range of motoring organisations  including Allianz Global Assistance, Inter Partner Assistance, Call Assist & LV= Britannia Rescue – as well as local and national vehicle dealerships, accident repair centres and private motorists.

The company also runs a car transportation service specialising in moving classic and prestige cars throughout the UK.


Better service for customers

By using the Quartix system’s Live Tracking functionality and postcode search, Beeches is able to reach its customers more reliably because it knows which of its team  is closest to a particular job.

This also allows the company to keep customers much more consistently informed of estimated arrival times. It’s transformed Beeches’ efficiency.

“We believe the Quartix system is a vital tool for the efficient running of our rescue and recovery business,” Beeches Recovery director Amar Nandra told Business Vans. “We can’t imagine being without it.”

Before installing the Quartix system, the company had no way to locate its vehicles in real-time, making it very difficult for staff to know where to send vehicles.

“These features are essential when operating a time-critical business such as ours,” Amar Nandra said.

To this end, the company also finds the extended reports generated by the Quartix system invaluable for maintaining standards.

The Daily and Weekly Route Charts allow a check on where drivers travel to and from. This ability to see which routes have been taken is vital for making key decisions on the allocation of resources as well as ensuring a quick response for customers.

Unnecessary vehicle mileage is reduced through optimised routing and invoicing is simplified thanks to accurate mileage reporting.


Cutting costs and improving safety

A reduction in fuel spend is another benefit of monitoring driving styles and encouraging better driving

Beeches Recovery also uses the Quartix system’s driving style monitoring to examine drivers’ performance and risk profiles, as Amar Nandra explains:

“Our drivers undertake in-house driving assessments and we review their driver-style performance as part of the appraisal process.

“It is also an important factor for us with regards to the environment as our resource allocation is now more efficient.”

A reduction in fuel spend is another benefit of monitoring driving styles and encouraging better driving. Amar Nandra said fuel spend was a significant proportion of the company’s budget, so anything to reduce that bill was invaluable.

What’s more, a major consideration for the company is maintenance of safe driving standards throughout day-to-day operations.

Amar Nandra said: “Given the inherently risky nature of the transport industry, we view it as critical to minimise our risk profile. Identifying bad practices means we can properly manage our  drivers to ensure their safety.”

Safer driving also benefits the overall condition of each vehicle since they are far less likely to be damaged by wear and tear in the long term.

Beeches Recovery fleet managers say the Quartix in-house support is as useful as the system itself: “Whatever query we have, the Quartix support team is always fantastic to deal with,” Amar Nadir said.


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