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Fiat Fiorino
The Fiat Fiorino is no leviathan – but its secret weapon is a clever traction control system that’s a real help in bad weather or on muddy tracks

Fiat Fiorino Cargo Adventure 1.3 Multijet II 16V 95 bhp Start&Stop

What is it?

Fiat’s diminutive Fiorino has gained popularity as a perky little van that’s practical and fun to drive into the bargain.

The Adventure variant tested also has a handy trick up its sleeve, especially if your business takes you away from tarmac now and again.

The cab is small as you might expect. Comfortable and well laid out though

The secret is ingredient is Traction+. It’s an automatic system that detects wheel slippage, electronically locking up the differential to improve traction. The driver doesn’t have to think about activating it and the system delivers remarkably good results on sticky surfaces without the need for a conventional four-wheel-drive transmission.

The Fiat Fiorino is a small van, with a cargo volume of just 2.5cu m. The loadspace measures 1523mm long x 1473mm wide and 1181mm high. But that’ll swallow a Euro pallet and although it’s not a massive load lugger, if that’s all your business needs, the Fiorino does the job competently.

Access is via asymmetrically split rear doors and, on the test model, two very useful side sliding doors (the offside sliding door is a £200 option).

Unsurprisingly, the cab also seems quite small. The standard full bulkhead adds to the enclosed feeling. It’s somewhat plasticky, but the instruments and controls are well laid laid out and the seats are firm and comfortable.

The Fiat Fiorino is also reasonably well equipped – there’s a radio/CD player, and windows and door mirrors are electrically operated.

A couple of complaints, though. There’s not much stowage and the cab windows mist up  quickly in damp weather.

The demist is not the quickest we’ve experienced, and the windows are quick to fog up again once the screen blower’s switched off. I suspect the small cab has something to do with this.

But on the plus side, the Fiorino is great fun to drive. It’s quick, with 200NM of torque on tap – small van, remember! – it feels positively sporty.

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