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Crewvans are all the rage since if business permits, you can get away with one vehicle instead of two. Even if it is a bit cramped in the back

Fiat Scudo Crewvan L2 130 Comfort

What is it?

It stands to reason that the more work you can get out of a van, the more cost-effective that vehicle is.

That’s why we are seeing such a proliferation of crewvans at present.

It’s OK in in the back seat of the Fiat Scudo crewwan, though legroom itsn’t that generous

Users have cottoned on to the fact that they can buy a single vehicle and lug around five burly blokes and a load of kit whereas maybe before they had to have two vans or a van and a car. Asda price!

You’ll be spoiled for choice if you want to buy a crewvan. Most of the van makers nowadays are offering them and Fiat is no exception.

The only difference here as that whereas some of them have removable seats, the Fiat Scudo crewvan has a fixed bulkhead and separate loading area. That’s good if you want a nice quiet ride as you don’t get any noise interference from the cargo area.

Not so good if you want to yank out the seats and use the whole thing as a van. To be fair Fiat does offer an alternative with removable seats – the Kombi – but it has full glazing so is classed as a car and you won’t be able to reclaim VAT.

Our Fiat Scudo crewvan review model is the long wheel base version, which weighs in at £20,595 ex-VAT. There’s also a short wheelbase Crewvan variant offer at £19,795 but obviously there isn’t as much room in the smaller model.

There is seating for five and also a reasonable cargo volume of 3.6 cubic metres in the back.

Under the bonnet goes Fiat’s tried-and-trusted 2.0-litre Multijet common rail turbodiesel powerplant which offers 130bhp and 320Nm of torque, while promising to return 40.4 miles per gallon on the combined cycle.

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