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Verdict:  Comfortable, quiet and electric power doesn’t compromise practicality or versatility

Nissan, e-NV200, front, van
The e-NV200, looks like a standard NV200, with added Leaf.

 What is it?

The e-NV200 is, as the name suggests, the new, electric version of Nissan’s NV200 van.

The introduction of the e-NV200 is a logical development for Nissan, which already makes the most popular electric car on sale in the UK – the Leaf.

Unsurprisingly, most of the Leaf’s electric drive-train is carried over to the e-NV200, although there are changes to the layout of the battery pack, for example, so that it fits more easily under the flat load-space floor. And the two vehicles share more besides, including most of the front suspension set-up and much of the dashboard architecture.

Nissan, e-NV200, load area
This is the Nissan e-NV200’s impressive 4.2 cubic meter load area.

The e-NV200 looks a little different from its diesel counterpart, in particular at the front end, which has been modified to accommodate the electric charging socket.

The electric version also has a few trim details such as special LED lights to set it apart from standard NV200s as well.

The UK market initially gets two body styles – a standard panel van and a “half-van” Combi version with a second row of seats – although there’s also a fully glazed people-carrier version, the Evalia.

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