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Renault Trafic Sport
The latest take on Renault’s highly successful Trafic is this chic looking colour co-ordinated version that’ll cut a dash for your business. With 40mpg thrown in

Renault Trafic Sport

What is it?

THE Renault Trafic has proved a phenomenal success since its launch in 2001 and despite the fact that it is now in its final stages of production (due to the replaced next year), there is certainly nothing old hat about this old-timer.

Businesses see the importance of turning up at a client’s premises in a smart van

It still looks as fresh as it did back in the early noughties and it is one of the most car-like vans to drive that you’ll find. In fact, when it comes to driveability we reckon the only contender to come close and maybe beat the Trafic is the new Ford Transit Custom.

This van, by the way, is also rebadged as the Vauxhall Vivaro and Nissan Primastar.

There have been various nips and tucks along the way, including the introduction of long wheelbase high roof models and upgrades in engine performance, but the one new addition that has really appealed to small business owners is the Trafic Sport.

Businesses see the importance of turning up at a client’s premises in a smart van – and they don’t come much smarter than this, with alloy wheels, a nice shiny metallic paint job and colour-coded bumpers.

This van weighs in at 2.7 tonnes gross vehicle weight and carries a respectable five cubic metres of cargo weighing up to 1080kg. Under the bonnet goes Renault’s tried and trusted 2.0dCi turbodiesel powerplant.

The rival Volkswagen Transporter Sportline offers a “loony toons” 180bhp engine but Renault contents itself with a more modest 115bhp, meaning this van is more bling than zing.

Renault Trafic
Alloys, metallic paint and colour co-ordinated bumpers all add up to slick presentation

However, those horses are lively enough for the average driver and with maximum torque coming in at a very low 1500rpm, the engine feels more powerful than it really is at lower speeds.

Official fuel economy figure is a tad over 40mpg and on our test week, we managed to get pretty near that figure, which is miraculous, bearing in mind that the official test takes place empty, on a rolling road in a nice warm shed with no wind resistance to contend with.

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